Thursday, 13 June 2013


Mehhh. In Korea, the cafe culture is so strong you see all kinds of cafes. This cafe which I am going to introduce to you would be the sheep cafe located at Myeongdong! The owner of this cafe had raised these 2 sheeps from young and opened this cafe to share his precious with everyone.

You can request to feed these cute sheeps!
Coming out from their house only when there is food.
Miss Photogenic.
Thanks Nature Cafe.
Tasty but rather pricey Green Tea Latte. 6000 won if I didn't remember wrongly.
No more food so... BYE BYE!

For the exact location, do visit the Tourist Centre right smack in the middle of Myeongdong for a map. Simply ask the service officer for this cafe and they will circle it on the map and direct you to it.

Location | Myeongdong Subway Station
Name | Thanks Nature Cafe
Price Range | Around 6000 won for a cup of beverage

Review: I think its worth it to try this cafe for an experience which you cannot get in Singapore. The price is worth it since the sheeps are so lovable and you get to interact with them plus the drinks are good too!

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