Sunday, 9 June 2013


For my flight to Korea, I had chosen a direct flight from Singapore - Incheon International Airport via Korean Air because I was traveling alone and wanted to save the hassle of a transit. You can easily get a budget air ticket for around $400 plus.

Korean Air
Ticket Cost: $828
Flight Duration: 6 hours 15 mins
Note: Time in Korea is 1 hr faster than Singapore

Overall, the flight was pleasant. They provided blankets, pillows and slippers for a comfortable trip. The entertainment onboard was good as well. They had some of the latest movies and kpop songs. Since it was a 6 hours flight, I had chosen a night flight at around 2am Singapore time so that I would be able to sleep the time away. 

Spacious Leg Space Onboard
Breakfast served about 2 hrs before arrival! Yums!

Incheon International Airport

Wifi Usage
While planning for my trip I was rather worried that without a phone, I would not be able to locate my bf who would be fetching me from the airport. Upon my research, I realised that there is free Wifi once you step off the plane and you do not need any login ID or password like our Wireless@SG. Simply connect and use! I feel that Singapore Changi Airport should do that as well.

You would have to fill in a yellow immigration card as well as a declaration of goods form. These would be given out onboard the plane. From clearing customs to picking up my luggage, I only spent 15 minutes! Super efficient.

The subway system in Korea is efficient and convenient. Simply hop on to the subway at the station located inside the airport and locate the station which you would be planning to stop at. There are MANY lines for their subway. Hence, it is advisable that you plan your route before taking the subway. For smartphone users, iPhone or Android, you can download the subway map called 'Jihachul" for ease of planning.

IPhone or Android App
This app tells you the duration of your trip whenever you select your current station and destination and it really helps when you need to take a nap or two. It also has a inbuilt timetable for the train timings of the express trains which comes only at a designated time and at specific stations.

Express trains allows one to skip stations and arrive at your destination faster than the normal train which, stops at all stations. Since express trains do not stop at every station, please be careful to check the train before boarding and make sure it stops at your destination via the app. One way to check at the station would be to find out which station it is 'Bound For', meaning which is the last stop. Always go back to the app when in doubt.

Subway is gonna be one of the main form of transport so do spend some time making sense of it! :)

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