Sunday, 9 June 2013


Waiting excitedly for my flight!

I can still clearly remember myself counting down to the day that I would be boarding my flight for Korea. This is the first time that I get to stay in a foreign country for a period longer than a week! The thought of meeting my boyfriend, who is having his exchange program at Inha University, after two long months excites me. hahaha. But now, I am back in Singapore. :(

I had a wonderful 5 weeks in Korea. The culture, food, shopping, sceneries and all other things thrilled me. So now, I am missing Korea so much and judging by the amount of questions I get from my friends who would in the near future visit Korea, I thought I should start a blog to pen down my trip in Korea. 

Because of the luxury of time I had in Korea, I got to experience life not just as a tourist but also, like the normal Korean. So I hope my compilation and tips on this blog would help anyone who is planning for a trip to Korea! Trust me, you wouldn't want to miss Korea as one of your travel destinations!

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