Saturday, 15 June 2013


At Myeongdong, I had visited the Sunnyne Dog Cafe. This cafe is extremely popular amongst tourists so if you actually google its name, you would find many photos and videos. The dogs are pets by the cafe owner but one can also bring your own dog into the cafe. It's not like pet cafes in Singapore where one only get to see pets brought in by other customers. 

I had a shock when I was about to enter the premise because whenever there is someone coming into the cafe, the dogs would all rush to the door and start barking in excitement. It's super scary for me but I was instructed to sit down near the door upon entering so that the dogs could familiarize themselves with me. It took less than 30 seconds for them to quiet down and going back to play in the cafe. hehe. There were MANY dogs within the cafe ranging from small sized ones to the bigger ones.

Cute ones lying around the couches.
Pardon the blurry photo as the dogs were really active. Check out this HUGE dog!
Pretty Maltese with ponytails.

The dog which refuses to let us sit on our couch in peace. haha. We had to squeeze and accomodate him.

Scaredy Sausage Dog! hehe. So cute!
Spacious and hygenic cafe
Naughty dog in pampers. He was chasing and biting all the other dogs.
Another Maltese which I was petting it so comfortably it slept. hehe.

For exact location, visit their tourist centre; better directions given.

Location | Myeongdong
Name | Sunnyne Pet Cafe
Price Range | 7000won for beverage; no entrance fees

It's really worth it! Especially if you have been wanting to keep a dog but haven't got the chance to. Not expensive as well since they don't charge entrance fees. Have fun! :)

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